When Donald Trump tweets, the Left freaks out … including our good friends in the media. We’re calling them our ‘good friends’ because it appears being honest about their behavior is super mean and stuff even though they STARTED IT but hey, we’re caring that way.

This time it was a tweet about Jr.’s meeting at Trump Tower:

Cue Chuck Todd and his edgy, ‘Um … ‘:

Dude. We get it.

Like every other talking head and ‘journo’ on the Left Chuck so badly wants there to be some great big GOTCHA in all of this but there’s just not. And the more they harp on it the more it becomes obvious that they don’t care what they pin on the president, as long as they can pin SOMETHING on him.


Um … you’d think someone like Chuck who spends so much time ‘investigating’ these things would know that.

True story. Oh, and giving Trump a bunch of free airtime and all but electing him as president.

No wonder they’re so crabby about it.


We’d love if Trump tweeted something in code:

The purple otter went to Burger King and ate a Cadillac. Repeat, the purple otter went to Burger King and ate a Cadillac.

Hey, it could happen.

Silly, Chuck doesn’t ‘check’ on things, he just reacts.

Because that’s what HEROES do, ya’ know.

Um … he has no idea.

We sorta like this ‘um’ thing.

It could work for us.


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