Like Jim Acosta, Brian Stelter is his own worst enemy.

He had to know to tweet this interview would not go well … it’s almost as if he’s doing what he can to perpetuate this ‘hate movement’ he claims Trump is leading on the media. All he really has to do is stop whining and pushing a narrative that quite frankly is very self-destructive and cover the news.

For real.

It’s only personal because the media made it personal.


Funny how Brian is all about interviewing Scaramucci … now.

Guess how people responded to this tweet.


Tiny, tiny violins.

That mean ol’ First Amendment.

CNN and the media really and truly did this to themselves.

Get the man a tissue, would ya’?


Remember when Brian had David Hogg on and he allowed the kid to lie endlessly and shamelesslu for the entire segment?

We do.

In other words, grow a pair.


Move over Acosta, Brian has a diary too!


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