If as a Conservative you find yourself ever saying, ‘Kasich gets it,’ immediately turn in your Conservative card.

Do not pass go.

Do not collect $200 dollars.


Yeah, Jennifer Rubin strikes again and this time she’s giving Kasich cred which officially makes her twice as annoying as usual:

You know what really turns women off? Smug pundits claiming they know what ‘turns us off’ and thinking they have any clue whatsoever about how we’ll vote.

But hey, whatever makes Jenn feel better.

You are the company you keep.


Yeah, he is still sort of a Republican, y’all.

Democrats seem to feel a bit betrayed by their favorite ‘Conservative’.

But his dad was a mailman!

Look who’s talking! We agree, but not for the same reasons as this person.

What a silly quote from a silly man promoted by a silly woman in a silly piece in a silly publication.


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