Chuck Todd claimed that Trump always seems to question the intelligence of African-Americans. Clearly, Chuck hasn’t been paying attention if he really believes that, and Jeryl Bier’s thread is an exceptional read that takes Chuck’s claim apart piece by piece.


Nothing surprises us anymore when it comes to the media and their reactions to and reporting on Trump. In fact, if they weren’t saying something completely outlandish we’d probably get totally confused.

We’re guessing he meant Trump, but it’s also possible Obama said some of these people were dumb and we didn’t see it. Oh, and either way his point is valid, all of the people he listed here are white.

But wait, there’s more!

Always African-Americans, eh Chuck?

But that would require actual investigating and reporting, man.

That’s no fun.

What he said.

And considering Jeryl obviously doesn’t have a whole lot of love for Trump this thread should have an impact on Chuck and anyone out there who thinks Trump only picks on one race of people.


And last time we checked, Chuck wasn’t an African-American.

We COULD be wrong though …


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