Yup, Kathy Griffin said it.

Something no other Leftist, sad, has-been with a bad haircut has ever said before. *eye roll*

Wait, she thinks cops are racist? WHY ARE WE JUST HEARING THIS NOW?!

Oh wait, that’s right, it’s another tired talking point that was old when it started while Obama was still president. Sad Kathy, she tries so hard to be relevant and really she just comes off as that crazy old aunt who thinks aliens shot JFK.

You guys have an aunt like that, right? It’s not just this editor?

Super duper brave.


Could she preach to the choir any more?

Hey, that’s our line.

Or original for that matter.

She’s a Leftist, of course, she would.

Seems this gent speaks for a good many people.

Apparently … and tweeting out tired and boring old talking points like she’s brave for using them.

It would be sad if it wasn’t one of the funniest things she’s ever written.


They PD apparently responded:


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