Brian Stelter opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it … again.

Does he really think he’s special for getting threats in this environment? B*TCH PLEASE. Ok, gotta play the sex card SORRY but as a Conservative woman, this editor can tell you a thing or TWENTY about getting threatened, harassed, stalked, and tormented DAILY.

Because when a woman dares step off that progressive plantation GUESS WHAT? We’re a target.

Don’t take this editor’s word for it, Michelle Malkin said it perfectly:

Boo freakin’ hoo, Bri.

When you’re done tweeting why don’t you cry us a river, k?



Kyle Kashuv also called him out PERFECTLY:

Oh, that nugget. Yup, Charlie Kirk and Candace Owen were attacked for just trying to eat breakfast this morning.


C’mon, they’re the real victims!

He’s certainly reporting on it to make himself the center of attention.

Perhaps he should take a gander at Dana Loesch’s timeline?

What a bunch of entitled, self-centered crybabies.

This. ^

And like Michelle said, it’s not on the rise if you’re a Conservative woman, it’s the status quo.

PS: Sorry for the caps … Bri ticked this editor off. Heh.


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