Imagine being a Democrat in the south and thinking it’s a good idea to run a political ad featuring four men being lynched …

What the HELL is this guy thinking?

And you know what, we were so shocked upon seeing this that we didn’t believe it was real. Certainly, Bobby Smith knows the horrible history of Democrats in the south? Just goes to show you that tigers never really change their stripes.

Check this out:

Some hard choices need to be made? And he’ll make those choices.


From the Courier Journal:

The Kentucky Democratic Party is condemning one of its candidates over a newspaper advertisement that it says depicts a lynching.

Realtor Bobby Smith, a Democrat, is running for judge-executive in Spencer County, where he will face Republican incumbent John Riley in the general election. The ad appeared in the Spencer Magnet, a local weekly, this week and shows four bodies hanging from a tree limb that viewed together spell out “Good Ol’ Boy System.”

“Some hard choices need to be made to make Spencer County great again,” the ad says. “I will make those choices.” It continues by saying the people in the community must work together to improve the area.

Read the whole story here.

Too late Democrats, we see you.

Horrifying on so many levels.

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Hey, tell us more about how Republicans and Democrats switched parties in the south! That’s our favorite fictional story.


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