Jim Acosta is truly his own worst enemy.

No one else could possibly make him look any worse. At this point, we can’t tell if he realizes the only way people pay any attention to him at all is if he acts like a whiny, self-righteous, neo-maxi zoom dweebie or if he really thinks he is the victim in all of this.

Like his meltdown and temper tantrum during yesterday’s presser with Sarah Sanders in which he ‘stormed out’ because he couldn’t get Sanders to play his melodramatic game.

Yes, Jim, your behavior is shameful.

Remember a few weeks back when a new ‘trend’ popped up on Twitter about how Jim’s tweets read like diary entries? Mollie Hemingway nailed this:


Seems like Jim would rather be the news than report it.



Tough crowd.

She did.

Months and months ago.


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