Glenn Beck was ‘good’ enough to send CNN a tweet about their ratings …

Of course, that tweet was a reminder that their numbers aren’t good at all but hey, at least he thought enough to reach out and offer his condolences.




BBC came in first with 90 percent of those surveyed.

Fox News and PBS came in second and third with 87 percent and 86 percent respectively.

Notably, Bloomberg came in fourth with 81 percent and MSNBC came in fifth with 80 percent. They were followed by CBS, NBC, and ABC in that order.  In a blow to CNN, which has a motto as the “most trusted names in news”.  CNN came in 9th at 70 percent and almost tied with Sinclair at 69 percent. CNN has covered the conservative-leaning Sinclair with some tough commentary.

NINTH place.

Wow. The only one they beat is Sinclair by 1%. You know the network they claim is literally Hitler?

Who’d have thought people would get sick of their one-sided, hateful, whiny reporting?

It was indeed.

Two words for you: Jim Acosta.


How the mighty have fallen.


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