Jim Acosta certainly did a number on himself yesterday by acting like a spoiled toddler who was told he couldn’t have the toy he wanted during the presser with Sarah Sanders. And then he went on Twitter ‘bragged’ about how he stomped when he didn’t get his way and had the NERVE to call Sanders’ behavior shameful.

Someone get the guy a mirror already, please. And a pacifier.

Dana Loesch LIT HIM UP.

Jim’s ego is more important to him than his actual job.

Like far too many in traditional media these days, he wants to make the news about HIM and his narrative. He couldn’t care less about reporting the actual news or sharing facts with the country.

And he expects us to feel sorry for him?

B*tch please.


There are people in the media who went into the profession because they DO care about reporting the news and they are getting lumped in with primadonnas like Jim; he really is a taint.


Sadly, there are some days that sure feel like it.

Quiet you!

Jim and others like him have a narrative to push.


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