It is with great pleasure that this dork of a Twitchy editor gets to cover the fact that there is officially a Mayor Kane in this country.

As a WWE nerd who has spent over 20 years watching every show she possibly could, it is such a joy for this editor to report that Glenn Jacobs aka Kane (Undertaker’s brother!!!) is now the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.


From Fox News:

If there were championship belts for winning mayoral elections, former professional wrestler Glenn Jacobs would be wearing one.

The former WWE superstar, known as Kane, has won the race for mayor in Tennessee’s third-largest county. Jacobs handily defeated Democrat Linda Haney, with most of the votes counted in Knox County on Thursday, according to unofficial returns.

Can you smell what the WWE wrestler turned mayor is cooking? Yeah yeah yeah, we know, that’s a Rock line but it works. Sorta.


Good point. Kane hasn’t officially ‘left’ the show so technically he’s a current WWE star.

And a mayor.

Which kicks so much AS*!


Dwayne Johnson for president, 2024?

Hey, it could happen.


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