Kamala Harris wants us to believe that her being able to look at certain ‘vital documents’ from Kavanaugh’s past might actually keep her from voting no on him. Kamala, honey, you’ve already told us you will not be voting for him, so this is just more fear-mongering and pandering to your base.


But there’s something EVIL there! Forget that Kamala will vote no, either way, she wants everyone to know that there are documents that they can’t see!

This is just pathetic.

He is literally the least polarizing pick Trump could have made and they’re still losing their minds about him.

Sad, ain’t it?

It’s all about stalling, that’s it.

Hate-filled Republican? Huh, who knew following the Constitution was hateful?

These people.


Hey, let’s trade documents for transcripts!


And so good.

We have NO idea.

And not even a funny one at that.


But she needs to pretend she’s actually doing her due diligence.


Our work here is done.


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