As Twitchy reported, Philippe Reines decided he would doxx a bookstore owner who called the cops on a woman who refused to leave after she attacked Steve Bannon. Apparently, since Bannon is a ‘bad guy’ that means the store owner should have let one of their customers be attacked and harassed while in their store, and since he DIDN’T said bookstore should be attacked by the Lefty rage mob.

Sure, sounds legit.

Anyway, after Reines BRAVELY shared the bookstore’s info he was called out in a big way, but none nailed him quite as well as The Daily Caller.


Someone sounds nervous.

Seriously, what adult acts like this? He’s starting to make Chelsea Handler seem mature.


These people.

Well, of course, he would.

And then he’d shriek for hours about how this is somehow Trump’s fault and pretend anyone and everyone who disagrees with him is stupid. That’s his entire schtick – tweet something stupid, play the victim when he’s called out, then pretend people only attack him because they’re stupid.

Ummm …

Who wants to tell him?

Most people just want to go to a bookstore to buy a book.

Crazy, right?

Another treasure from this sweetie’s timeline:

We’ve said it once and we’ll keep saying it … when the Left shows you who they are, believe them.


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