Troll level – MASTER.

Have you seen the latest video/montage President Trump shared on Twitter? If not, we suggest you put away anything you might be drinking so you don’t do a spit take when you watch it because OMG LOL. And you know he knew the Left would lose their proverbial sh*t when they saw this.

The look on Joy Reid’s face? *dying* And Rosie? The best though is watching the Leftist panel lose their minds on election night.




Full transparency, this editor wasn’t thrilled with Trump but this is so damn good.

Want to laugh even more? Look at how our delicate, loving, and tolerant friends on the Left responded:

Right? Tell that to Obama.


Our sides.

They burn.

They still can’t accept that Hillary was just that awful. Heck, there are rumors they may run her AGAIN in 2020.

Please, DNC, run her again.

One really has to wonder if some of these people’s mothers stood too close to a microwave when they were in utero. Seriously.

The haters who use hashtags are super edgy, doncha think?

Someone get this person a tissue, would ya?


They’re so sad, this is really all they have left. They keep thinking that Mueller will make Hillary president …


Oh, our sides again.

You know what?

We can’t even.


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