This thread between Louise Mensch and others didn’t start out so badly, and there may be something to what she says about the way the media is lying about immigrant recruits maliciously being discharged …

She’s correct.


Interesting take.

Could this be an effort to remove Mattis who many believe to be Trump’s strongest admin? At this point anything is possible … but then the thread took the typical Louise Mensch turn and went totally OUT there.

You knew it was only a matter of time when you started reading this, right?


See what we mean? Not just out there but like TOTALLY FREAKIN’ CRAZY AMOUNTS OF OUT THERE.

The Tea Party is a Russian front?


And she apologized to Obama. That’s adorable.

Because everything is coming up Russia, duh.

And what she doesn’t know she is more than willing to make up.

Told you.

Next level crazy.

She never disappoints.


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