We get it, Alexandria wants everyone to think she’s down with the little man or what have you.

That or she’s worried people have figured out she went to school in Westchester County which doesn’t exactly support her ‘girl from the Bronx’ schtick. She’s trying too hard though …

Wow. We’ve seen this scene before somewhere:



We appreciate that she wants to ‘connect’ with her base but c’mon, this is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as Hillary insisting she carries hot sauce around with her everywhere she goes.

Not to mention that the reason the bodega continues to exist is the opposite of what Ocasio-Cortez pushes:

Does she really think a bodega would thrive in a socialist country?


Something like that.


It’s pretty bad. But she’s in TOUCH with the little people, dude.



Hrm again. There has to be a Starbucks there, does that count?

Of course, there was a 5-year-old there discussing opinions on immigration and customs enforcement, she just ran out of characters.




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