We’re not sure which is more pathetic here, that The Hill wrote an entire story trying to prove the NRA is failing by using a five-month-old POLL or that David Hogg pushed said story and thousands of people fav’d it.

No way they actually read it if because any yahoo can see the poll the article uses is from five months ago … right after the Parkland shooting.

From The Hill:

They’ve lost the American public. For the first time in almost two decades, the NRA is viewed unfavorably by a majority of Americans. Conversely, 66 percent of voters support stronger gun laws, the highest level ever measured by Quinnipiac.

From February.

We left the link in the copy so you could go read the piece yourself.

Notice how they fail to mention how quickly NRA membership has grown since then … Kyle Kashuv stepped in to keep David, ‘honest.’

It’s a tad presumptuous for David to think he knows what it means by ‘the young people will win’ or that he somehow believes he speaks for young people. We’re willing to bet someone somewhere told him it was a powerful talking point …

Ummm …

We’re not sure she does.

He tried so hard.

Our guess is David’s ‘trainers’ fear they’re losing valuable ground because the outrage mob has moved on to a new crisis (SCOTUS pick) so they’re trying really hard to use him to make some noise. But the only people he seems to be inspiring were already ‘inspired’ to hate the NRA anyway.



That’s what happens when you use an old poll, youngster.


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