Our favorite ‘young jerk’ Cenk Uygur claimed the Left ‘attacks’ the media because they want more ‘objective journalism’; we may have laughed at this tweet so hard something ruptured internally but we’re not sure.

Check back with us later.

And he tagged Brian Stelter? HA HA HA HA.

That’s hilarious.

Bethany S. Mandel addressed his claim that the right wants to destroy the media, which is not exactly true either.

Call us crazy, but us too.

How long ya’ got?

This was a biggie.

If you get a chance you should absolutely read Beckett’s piece, it’s eye-opening.

But wait, there’s more!


Especially galling. We love that.

Stephen Miller did three minutes of research and came up with this:


But wait again, there’s still more!


That was a ‘good one’. Our personal favorite lately though was when CNN had ‘Melania Watch’ going after she had major surgery and went ‘missing.’ This, of course, fed the rumor mill lots of juicy doubt about where FLOTUS was which had some on the Left going so far as to accuse the president of beating his wife up.

But yeah, tell us more about how the left wants a more objective media.

We’re all ears, Cenk.


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