If you think anyone deserves to be attacked in any manner simply because they are WEARING SOMETHING you sincerely need to pull your head from between your buttocks, STAT. How on EARTH does it make sense to anyone anywhere that attacking another human being for wearing a hat is somehow justified, let alone a MINOR?

At the end of the day, he’s still a kid, folks. And a grown man literally attacked him out of the blue over a hat.

Anyone defending this crap should delete their account.

Looking at you, Mitch.

And the most hilarious part of Mitch’s tweet is he thinks Ian is the idiot here.

Or Marx t-shirts.

Doesn’t it?



Scary ain’t it?


In Mitch’s little mind people he disagrees with politically are bad, so he dehumanizes them and then he can attack them and feel superior about it.

Talk about weak sauce.


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