Trump got very honest about the media at his rally …

From CNN:

Trump made the comments at a rally in Montana, where he campaigned alongside Republican state auditor Matt Rosendale to sink the re-election campaign of Democratic Sen. Jon Tester. The hateful anti-media rhetoric reached millions of people because it was carried live on Fox News and streamed on multiple websites.

CNN’s Abby Phillip, at the rally, observed: “So there’s your answer to the question of whether Trump’s rhetoric would change after 5 journalists were gunned down in Annapolis.”

The spark for Trump’s comment seemed to be his lingering frustration with the way his summit with Kim Jong Un was covered by the media. He repeatedly vented about unnamed commentators who criticized him for deciding to hold the summit.

“Fake news!” he said of the critiques. “They are fake news media.”

Funny that CNN is covering this part of his rally, and not funny ‘ha ha.’

Brian Stelter seemed especially testy about Trump’s comments regarding the media:

Bad people might have been going a tad too far … but crooked, dishonest, fake doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch these days.

Hrm. Not an unfair point.

Tough crowd, Bri.

Wait, you mean if they covered him in a fair manner he might treat them in the same way?

Get outta here.

You’d think?

We wouldn’t hold our breath waiting for CNN to cover the teen who was attacked by an adult for wearing a MAGA hat. And if they do cover it, it’ll be a blip.


Paging Marc Lamont Hill.

He should absolutely listen to THIS^ advice.

Heh, we see what he did here.


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