A local bookstore owner in Richmond, VA is feeling the wrath of liberal anger today all because Steve Bannon decided to shop in his store.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the former White House aide was shopping in Black Swan Books when another patron came called him a “piece of trash.” Nick Cooke, who owns the store, then reportedly asked the woman to leave, which she refused. He then called the police which now has libs, especially former Hillary Clinton hack Philippe Reines up in arms:

Yes, Reinnes doxxed a bookstore owner and is encouraging his Twitter followers to harass him because of this:

Cooke defended his actions, calling the bookstore a “place for the fair exchange of ideas, and the practice of tolerance”:

And conservatives in the area are stepping up to support this small business:

Unfortunately, Reines is not the only liberal angry at Cooke and trying to destroy his business: