As Twitchy readers know, Ron Perlman shared a fairly gross tweet about a passive-aggressive experience he claims to have had with Harvey Weinstein. Would seem the Hellboy actor knew that Harvey was a rapist and a ‘prick’ but still managed to shake his hand even though he claims it was urine-covered.

Now, whether or not this really happened remains to be seen, but the reaction he received was probably very different from what he expected.

Gross, right?

Maybe it’s just this editor, but the fact that Ron claims he knew Harvey was a bad guy and didn’t really do anything speaks volumes about who he is, and not in a good way. To think he didn’t have the courage to actually confront Weinstein and thought urinating on his hand was some sort of ‘gotcha’ worth bragging about in a tweet is bizarre.

The Russians talked him into it, right? It’s been far too long since he accused us of being Russians. 

Donald Trump Jr. had this to say to Ron …

Sort of what we said, but way more direct.

Really, think about all of the women Ron could have perhaps helped.

So Ron had a thing about him being a bad guy but still shook Harvey’s hand and said nothing?

And he admitted it, twice.


Cowards are gonna coward.


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