Editor’s note: Since this post was published, it’s been made clear that Milano’s contention that illegal immigrants are entitled to due process is not incorrect. Attorney Gabriel Malor explains:

Aliens w/in the U.S. have due process. The amount of due process they get is related to the amount of substantive connection they have to the U.S. So citizens get more process than lawful permanent resident aliens who get more process than tourist aliens who get more process than unlawfully present aliens who get more process than aliens standing at a port of entry asking to come in.

Short version: aliens get due process. For unlawful entrants detained in the border zone, it’s really not that much process.

We sincerely apologize to Ms. Milano and to our readers for the mistake. The original post appears below.


What happened to Alyssa Milano being some warrior fighting against gun violence in this country? Anyone else notice her agenda seems to change with the winds of Twitter? Don’t get us wrong, we don’t miss her harping on legal gun owners but c’mon …

That’s not how this works, Alyssa. That’s not how ANY of this works.

And while we as Americans can embrace that our rights are inherent in all people, the Constitution itself does not cross borders and dictate law in other countries. So while Alyssa’s heart might be conveniently in the right place, she’s wrong.


Besides, we’re not entirely sure she knows what due process is exactly anyway.

Truth be told, Alyssa just seems to want to push anything she thinks will hurt Republicans or Trump. The rest is just noise.

We made that exact face.

Jeez indeed.

Editor’s note: We pulled a tweet and edited text.


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