Matt Yglesias is onto us guys, might as well admit it now.

Yes. Trump ran out before he was ever elected (or had won the primary) and literally STOLE the SCOTUS seat from Garland. In fact, Trump hired a bunch of ninjas who used to be leprechauns but got disgruntled when the head leprechaun tried to unionize so they turned to the life of the ninja. It was a hard time for the ninja leprechauns, but Trump saw potential in the smaller than usual ninjas …

Ok, so that may not be true, but we heard there were definitely ninjas involved.

That’s about as believable as the notion that Garland’s SCOTUS seat was actually stolen.

Personally, we think Hillary stealing the nomination from Bernie is right up there but hey Matt, you be you.

Oooooh, that’s right. Even Obama would tell Matt to stop his complaining and win an election if he doesn’t like how things are going.

That. Was. Hilarious.

Poor Matt.


Gosh, we’re not seeing a whole lot of sympathy for Matt …


*womp womp*


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