A reminder that the Left only seems to support the Supreme Court when it rules in favor of their ideas of what is and what isn’t Constitutional. Today’s SCOTUS ruling supporting President Trump’s so-called travel ban has literally set off a whole new explosion of stupid from our dear friends on the Left.

Like this guy, Jack Mirkinson who happens to be the editor of Splinter News that only yesterday released a piece bragging about violence that has yet to come against the Right.


The Left never has and they never will understand the importance of the Constitution or SCOTUS for that matter.

Remember when Obama called it a barrier?

Good times.


It’s so MEAN and stuff!

Don’t give him any ideas.

As long as those new ‘immigrants’ vote for Democrats. If guys like Jack thought they’d vote for Republicans they’d close the borders faster than you can say IMMIGRATION.

As long as that king rules the way he wants him to.

Authoritarians do so hate when the will of the people is upheld.

No wonder these Liberal types are so angry all of the time.


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