The mean girl act is so damn boring.

We get it, today’s brand of bullsh*t feminism is all about tearing down and harassing women who disagree with them, but Jimmy Kimmel’s writer Bess Kalb has a bad habit of writing threads like this and then crying SEXISM when she’s called out.

Just wait …

Ooooh, so edgy with the CAPSLOCK on …

And she really thought this was clever. Says so much about why Jimmy Kimmel’s show sucks.

Great advice.


Because girl power and stuff.

Watch how quickly Bess cries foul when she gets called out for this. Trust us, she will.

Never tweet and drink, folks.

All we can do is shake our heads.

Bess needs a hobby.

But Karen deserves it, doncha know. She’s married to a Republican who has healthy boundaries and respect for women and feminists CAN’T stand that.

So gross.

We’ll really laugh when Pence becomes president in 2024. #SuckItUpButtercup

Imagine how absolutely empty and insecure someone must be to attack a woman for wearing a dress.



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