Did you know that James Woods used to be a Democrat?

It’s true.

And guess why after many years with the party he decided to leave …


And we see more and more proof every day of why Hillary lost; the Democrats have been losing their base thanks to Grammy Hill and her hubby Bubba. So please, by all means, run her again, Democrats.

It’s only fair, right?

Others agreed with James and shared how they came to vote for Trump:


We’re seeing many Independents who voted for Trump.

Need more reasons as to why people are turning away from the Left?

Wow, when you put it that way.

Yikes, Democrats.

Absolutely fair point.

Full transparency, this editor was also a Democrat in college. Then she graduated, got a real job, and grew up.

We’re sensing a pattern here.

And it doesn’t look good for Democrats in the future.


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