You guys remember Occupy Wall Street, right? The idiots who camped out in NYC and threw glitter at Andrew Breitbart, that is when they weren’t raping one another in their community tents … oh wait, was that too harsh?

Our bad.

And speaking of harsh, take a gander at their suggested actions when coming into contact with an ICE agent.

And this is still UP.

Twitter, we see you.

We imagine a good many people have reported this on Twitter, and shockingly the social media giant has done nothing about it.

Color us SHOCKED.

Granted, they don’t have a blue check so there’s that … but still.



We have seen people suspended indefinitely for calling someone a pansy.

But hey, this is Occupy ya’ know, different rules or something.

Pretty awful.

What do you expect from a bunch of idiots who think throwing glitter at people and pooping on cop cars is how you make a difference in this country?

Yeah, Jack, WTF?!


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