Awww, sounds like the ‘poor FBI’ will be holding a training of some sort for all agents, even the ones who didn’t text inappropriately with their mistresses about how much they hate Trump and how they will stop him from winning the presidency.


And perfect.

We can see the first hour of training now …

Instructor: “Folks, don’t send stupid texts. Live it. Know it. Love it.”

This is far bigger than just a couple of idiot FBI agents who hate Trump.

Because up is down, left is right, and nothing makes sense anymore.

Two bad apples spoiled the whole barrel? Unfortunately, it sounds like there were far more than just two.

Putting lipstick on a pig, something like that.

HA HA HA HA HA HA. We see what he did here.

Seeing a theme here.

NO sympathy. None.


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