Hey, would someone close to Hillary Clinton remind her that she did indeed lose the 2016 election and that these are her golden years when she should be spending time with her family or lurking about in the woods like some lady Big Foot in a bad pantsuit?

Because this is just embarrassing.


We are embarrassed for her at this point.

Hillary. Talking about compassion and decency when it comes to children. The same Hillary who advocates for abortion up to birth … sure.

Umm … it is the law, Hillary.

It just has a history of being hit and miss when it comes to enforcement especially when it comes to Democrats ALTHOUGH the Democrats are the ones who passed it.

Heck, your hubby signed it, Hilldawg.

OH FFS. So says the woman selectively using the Bible.

Seriously, someone take grammy’s phone or iPad from her, would ya?

Obianuju Ekeocha said this way better than we could … of course.


Let’s be honest though, Hillary doesn’t exactly have a track record of being all that consistent in her ideas and beliefs. First, she was against gay marriage, then she was against it. First she was for ‘sending back’ immigrant kids NOW she says it’s a humanitarian crisis.

Hey, don’t take our word for it, watch Hillary herself from 2014.


They need to be sent back.

She sounds like Trump.


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