Our favorite parody (and yours) Sean Spicier was being his usual helpful self on Twitter and shared a suggestion that is guaranteed to keep families of illegal immigrants from being separated at the border.

Wait, wait, not that one, although you KNOW they are going to lose their minds over that tweet.

Nope, it was this one.

Seems a fairly simple concept, right? Don’t want to put your family in a situation to be separated maybe don’t enter the country illegally. Radical.

And like CLOCKWORK, the Left was on this tweet shaking their little blue fists and tossing glitter at the parody.

This never gets old.

Well gosh, if this guy wants illegal immigrants to live with him that’s his choice.

Opa indeed!

But wait, there’s more (there’s ALWAYS more):

Yes, we’re the monsters for not locking them up in cages with their parents (or perhaps not their parents) and taking care of them while the adults are ‘processed.’ Forget that plenty of these kids are being trafficked and this process could actually SAVE THEM … no no, we’re the bad guys.

We’re always the bad guys doncha know.

Soooo are they saying Republicans are going to Hell? Because sheesh, that’s harsh, right?

Speaking of harsh, Spicier had this to say about Obama’s FBI …


Sure, Obama spied on the Trump campaign and two FBI agents texted each other about ‘stopping Trump’ but HEY, Trump is a big meanie head and stuff so there!


So much this.

We so love it when anyone can use a Lefty’s hysteria about Trump to slam Hillary.

How about another one?


And finally this one because the response is just so … creepy.

Who ARE these people?!


Don’t answer that.


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