Democrats don’t really want to fix the immigration issues we’re having with families being separated at the border. As with most things, they’d rather sit around and complain about the problem and use it to campaign than actually work with Republicans on any sort of resolution.

Or legislation.

Don’t take our word for it, look at Chuck Schumer …


Notice he doesn’t actually give any specifics as to HOW it would do this.

Talk about a dog whistle.

In one breath he tells Democrats not to work with Republicans and in the next, he tells Republicans they should work in a bipartisan fashion? What Chuck really means is that Republicans should let Democrats have their way.

That’s usually what ‘compromise’ or ‘bipartisan’ means to the Dems.


Chuck is trying so hard.


Other than open borders and a free-for-all for illegal immigrants? Nope.

Because Obama was doing it for the greater good or something.



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