Make no mistake, Kamala Harris is full of it.

Oh no, the US withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council which has diplomats from countries like Venezuela on it … you know, the country that is encouraging its own people to catch and eat rabbits because there’s not enough food?

But you know, the US is the bad guy in the Left’s eyes as usual.

Our newly formed fascist ways?

Ron is almost too stupid to insult.


And honestly, who here thinks Ron has any idea WHY the US is actually leaving the Council?

Ron, dude, we thought you were taking a break.

And all of this because the US has removed itself from the useless UN Human Rights Council? Give us a break.


Guessing eight years of Obama apologizing to the world for America stuck with these people. Do they really think everything they’re suddenly angry about only started when Trump became president?

It’s as if they had their heads buried in the sand in all ways when Obama was president.

What’s the most interesting about this ridiculous tweet is that the US is leaving the Council is support of Israel, so this guy comparing the United States to the Nazis for doing so is … well … stupid.

Which is par for the course with Ron’s followers.

See what we mean?



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