Umm … you know how we joke about how the Left is losing its marbles?

When we see tweets and threads like this it stops being just a joke.


We’re not entirely sure Xeni understands what a political prisoner is because this would imply people crossing the border illegally are being arrested for not agreeing with Trump’s politics. And that’s not the case at all.

But don’t worry, Xeni was more than happy to double down on stupid.

What? Are they killing a bunch of people based on their ethnicity at the border because YEAH, we missed that.

Torture? Genocide?

Alrighty then.

Someone get this gal an aspirin or something.



What was it Michelle Obama said? When we go low they go high? Pretty sure this gal and others like her got that backward.

Did she compare Obama to Hitler while this was happening under his administration? Gonna guess she did not.

Not even close.

Good point. Perhaps she meant Planned Parenthood and just got confused in all of her shrieking?

Of course, she does.

Everything the Left has said about this situation is just a bunch of melodramatic garble that does nothing to actually address the problem. They’d much rather compare Trump to Stalin (that was a first) than work to figure out what the issue really is and how we can best address it.

It’s about the midterms, folks, not the kids.


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