Kathy Griffin so badly wants to be Samantha Bee.

That’s maybe one of the saddest sentences this editor has ever written.

And keep in mind, we cover Alyssa Milano and Chelsea Handler on a fairly consistent basis.

Look at this hot mess.


Could this be any more pathetic? She might as well stick a notecard to her rather large forehead that says LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!

Except she didn’t quite go full-blown Bee … there’s no c-word dropped in this tweet.

Remember when Kathy stood in front of the cameras crying and claiming Trump broke her? Good times.

Report: True

Don’t be silly. People like Kathy and John Legend don’t actually care about doing anything real when it comes to solving our issues at the border, they just want to tweet mean things at the president, the first lady, and the speaker because THAT’S RESISTING.

We know, it’s dumb. *shrug*

Like we said earlier, she’s broken.

It’s sad, right?


Sad ain’t it?

Don’t give her any ideas, man.

Not a damn thing, that’s what she’s doing.

And look, we told you she’s looking for attention.

Yup. She’s desperate and hey, they gave Samantha Bee an AWARD!

Kathy Griffin has become the punchline, and that’s just sad for a comedian.


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