Paul Ryan sent out a lovely tweet talking about his own experience as a father and wishing other dads a Happy Father’s Day.

It was actually very sweet.

Surely nobody would take issue with Ryan being proud of his family and wishing other fathers and families good wishes on a holiday where we celebrate dads, right?


Oh, never mind.


Maybe he missed it but Ryan actually has backed legislation that could stop this from happening … but hey, John was more interested in dunking on the speaker than he was about the actual children at the border. If he really cared about the situation he would have been calling this out years ago, when Obama was president. Or heck, when Clinton signed it into law in the 90’s.

At the end of the day, it’s just more virtue signaling BS that he hopes will get him a bunch of fav’s and retweets and perhaps some recognition from the pink vagina hat crew because HE CARES.

No no, he hasn’t actually done anything to help, but he sent a mean tweet to Paul Ryan! Resist!

Guy Benson, of course, said it far better than we can.

Oooh, he went full capslock.

Look out, John.

Oh good, Judd Legum is white knighting for John.

But you’re not angry enough, Guy! RAR! TRAITOR! ELEVENTY!

Narrator: Yes.

Yes, it is far more complicated than most people realize.

And something that’s been an issue for decades BUT HEY, Trump is racist and literally Hitler.



Now now, that sounds far too rational and balanced, we can’t have that on Twitter.


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