Ok MSNBC, this is getting bad even for you guys.

Really with this and Joy Reid?

From The Daily Caller:

Two days before the infamous (Elian) raid happened, Reid wrote an article for Salon attacking the Clinton administration, writing from the perspective that she was Attorney General Janet Reno:

I am Jan,

Jan I am.

I will not pick up Elian.

I will not put him in a car,

I will not take him near or far,

I will not go inside that house,

That Waco thing still freaks me out.

I will not take him in the rain,

I will not put him on a plane,

I will not pick him up, you see,

The exiles would be mad at me.

I will not take him to his dad,

Would you make Gloria Estefan mad?

I will not send him to Fidel,

Cause Marisleysis says it’s hell.

I will not go and do my job,

I’m too scared of that angry mob,

I will not push old Uncle Laz,

He’s got more lawyers than I have.

I know I promised, but oh well,

That’s just too bad for Juan Miguel.

Alrighty then.

Interesting how she’s shaking her fist at the Trump administration for doing the same thing she wanted Clinton to do years ago. Oh, we get it Lefties, somehow since Elian’s dad wanted him back it’s ok that the government stormed into that home and terrified the little guy … that and Clinton is a Democrat and y’all are giant hypocrites.

But keep crying.

Something like that.

Joy, really?

The nerve of this woman.

She tries so hard, doesn’t she?

You’d think Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen would know better than Joy … maybe it’s the time-traveling hackers tweeting for her again.


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