Sheesh, Katie Pavlich just asked a simple question about illegal immigrants.

Guess the truth is just too much for the glitter-glue sniffing crowd to deal with.

This is the reality of what happens when someone breaks the law, even a parent. It’s not pretty, it’s not nice, but it is a consequence of doing something illegal. Does the Left want us to stop arresting people when they break the law if they have children they’ll be separated from because if that’s the case, there are a LOT of people who should be released from prison ASAP.

Illegal is illegal, right?

Or is that racist now? We can’t keep up with the identity politics of the day.

In case you couldn’t guess, the Resistance types lost their marbles on Katie’s tweet … it’s what they do:

Awww, they’re so cute pretending that every illegal immigrant who crosses the border is simply seeking asylum.



Does she have this same empathy for a parent being taken away from their child if they’re an American citizen?

Whaaaaaaat the f*ck?!?

No. It is ILLEGAL, not noble.


Anyone else find it a bit hilarious that the same people who champion abortion up to the moment a baby is born are playing the morality card when it comes to children?

And by hilarious we mean sad, pathetic, and seriously annoying.

So, if a father robs a grocery store because he’s trying to create a better life for his family we shouldn’t put him in jail, in turn, separating him from his children? Or is this just treatment set aside for people entering our country illegally? Is one crime more illegal than another?

Sorry, but that bleeding heart crap is getting real old.

Real fast.


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