Sharyl Attkisson wrote this piece a DAY before the IG report dropped …

From Sharyl, writing for The Hill:

Once upon a time, the FBI said some thugs planned to rob a bank in town. Thugs are always looking to rob banks. They try all the time. But at this particular time, the FBI was hyper-focused on potential bank robberies in this particular town.

The best way to prevent the robbery — which is the goal, after all — would be for the FBI to alert all the banks in town. “Be on high alert for suspicious activity,” the FBI could tell the banks. “Report anything suspicious to us. We don’t want you to get robbed.”

Instead, in this fractured fairytale, the FBI followed an oddly less effective, more time-consuming, costlier approach. It focused on just one bank. And, strangely, it picked the bank that was least likely to be robbed because nobody thought it would ever get elected president — excuse me, I mean, because it had almost no cash on hand. (Why would robbers want to rob the bank with no cash?)

Seriously, she called it, and she did so in a way that everyone and anyone can understand what’s happened.

And that’s even BIGGER than her seemingly ‘psychic ability’ to report all of this before anyone else, Sharyl spelled it out in her article in a way that ordinary people will GET IT. Which ultimately hurts the ‘Deep State’ that counts on people seeing a government report that reads a lot like stereo instructions and looking away without even trying to grasp the content.

This article may be even more damning than the report itself.

As always, *popcorn*.


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