Spoiler alert: Senator Richard Blumenthal is NERVOUS.

Oh, the IRONY of the same senator who lied about his service in Vietnam assuming ‘President Trump’s cronies’ will ‘distort facts’ when the DOJ IG Report is released later today.

The last person who has ANY business talking about a ‘false narrative’ is Senator Richard Blumenthal.

He went on …

He’s calling it now (which was yesterday), that’s adorable. Sounds a little bit like Dick here is nervous about what the report might actually include so he’s doing his best to cast doubt on the reactions before it’s even been made available.

Lying liars tend to do that.

Dick is trying to convince the Democrats’ allies that no matter what is in the report about Clinton’s emails, it isn’t that bad.

Why is he working so hard to convince his own base?

Seriously, he reminds us of a high school kid who knows he has an F on his report card and is trying to convince his parents that the teachers had it out for him.


Look at the facts.

Folks, don’t be Dick.


Someone sounds scared.



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