CNN seems confused about what is newsworthy.

They report news about news they think might be news but they’re not sure it’s news just yet but it could be and Trump is literally Hitler … or something like that.

At least they’re not covering whether or not they should be covering Trump in North Korea although based on these stats from Frank Luntz they MIGHT want to think twice about what they’re actually reporting when it comes to the story.

Sorry, Frank, CNN doesn’t actually care about what Americans think, they only care about what THEY think, and clearly they think Trump did a bad job in North Korea and they want to complain about it.

But wait, there’s more!


But Trump! Russia! Blue checks! Eleventy!

It would certainly help with CNN’s ratings.

Thinking Frank hit a little too close to home.

Now now, Brian, no need to get so defensive.

Frank is just trying to help out, man.

Umm, bud, wasn’t CNN missing from the top 25 shows in recent ratings?



Truth hurts.


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