At first glance, all you see with this article about Orrin Hatch acknowledging that being gay is not a choice is a photo of the senator with his hands up … but that apparently wasn’t the original photo that accompanied the article.

From an hour earlier …

Gosh, why does this young man being comforted on Orrin Hatch’s shoulder look so familiar?

OH THAT’S RIGHT, because it’s Kyle Kashuv.

So. Damn. Tacky. WaPo.

Either WaPo doesn’t recognize who Kyle Kashuv is OR they were making a sideways dig at his sexuality.

And either way, shame on them.

We checked on James’ timeline and he has not acknowledged Kyle’s question as to why he used his photo for the article.

After thousands of people already saw it.



Kyle has a far better sense of humor over this than we would.



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