Alyssa Milano tries SO hard to prove she’s the biggest and baddest gun-grabber around. It seems that in her mind she is having some great battle with the NRA and by default Dana Loesch, but at the end of the day she just comes off as looking sorta desperate for attention.

For example, she thought this news was big enough to put a siren by it.

A siren.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.


Russia Russia Russia!

Was this before or after the Russians donated $2500 whole dollars over a three-year period in dues and magazine subscriptions? Asking for a friend.


It’s almost as if Alyssa is beginning to like being dragged by Dana Loesch … she just keeps coming back for more. This time though, Dana didn’t even bother to tweet her directly, but we’re PRETTY sure we know who she was subtweeting:

Dana IS the boss Alyssa.

Sorry, not sorry.

Wanna see something else adorable?

Debra Messing tried to get in on bullying Dana with this BOMBSHELL about Russia as well.

She even said, ‘OMG.’

That must mean this story is SUPER SERIOUS this time.

Ugh, these Hollywood types need a hobby.

The Clinton family truly is the Teflon of the political world.

Hey now, those kids in Haiti probably loved seeing the wedding dress the Clinton Foundation bought for Chelsea in their honor.


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