Man, the Trump administration really needs to stop coddling Putin, right?


The Treasury Department on Monday added five Russian companies and three Russian individuals to its sanctions list for supporting Moscow’s global campaign of cyber attacks.

The sanctioned firms provided “material and technological support” to the FSB, Russia’s main security agency, according to the department. The move freezes any assets the businesses and executives have in the U.S. and bans Americans from doing business with any of them.

Sheesh, talk about kissing up to Putin. Clearly, these actions prove Trump is doing Russia’s bidding.

*eye roll*

Just the facts, right Brit?

To be fair, Brit is the MSM and he did report this (and it was a POLITICO piece) but we get his point.

Don’t expect to see any major coverage of these sanctions on CNN.

We see what they did here.

Right? Sheesh. Trump seriously needs to up his collusion game at this rate …

OMG, WE ARE JUST KIDDING, relax Lefty who decided to read this because we zinged you in the headline.


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