Sorry Netflix, you’ll never be as cool or as funny as Wendy’s.

Or Whataburger.

This just reeks of social media desperation.

Forget that with this name change it puts the word ‘Lib’ into their company name.

Surely Obama is proud of this development.


A for effort but no.

Join the club.

Nope, doesn’t work.

You know that face you make when you’re in line at the grocery store and the cashier has to do a price check for the person in front of you? We just made that face.

Ok, now this is just getting silly.

And we’re done here.


Oh the HUME-ANITY! Brit Hume pretty much DESTROYED the Left’s Putin conspiracies in just 1 tweet

Not the DEAD ONES! Chuck Schumer throws EPIC hissyfit when SCOTUS rules in favor of voter purge

This means BURGER-WAR! Whataburger HOPS into the IHOP/IHOB ‘fray’ and it’s LIT AF