So MSNBC, we have to say that this whole ignoring the fact that Joy Reid originally blamed time-traveling hackers for her blog posts and you ignored that in your statement thing is going really well.

They should definitely use more CAPS when they tweet, it makes Joy seem so rational and sane.

And hey, what about Ben Rhodes?

Yup. According to the Left’s doctrine, if you engage with someone who has questionable ideas and beliefs and you don’t call them out for said ideas and beliefs that means you agree with them.


Them’s the rules.

We thought it was the magical time-traveling hackers.


Yippee indeed.



Fair question. Plenty of well-known Conservatives are missing from Twitter for writing far less hateful and bigoted things.

Again with the double standard.

It’s almost to the point of it being boring.


Don’t worry, we see it.

And so did the rest of the country.


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