Remember when Obama pretended blue-collar jobs that all but built America into the country it is today would never make a comeback and in fact, he made fun of Trump for claiming otherwise?

In case you missed it …

We know, his voice makes our left eye twitch uncontrollably but hey, it’s one of his greatest hits.

Especially with this balls-out SLAM-meme from James Woods:

Take a seat, Obama.

Tax cuts DO work! Companies raising wages (because they want to and can afford to), creating more jobs, hiring more people, handing out bonuses, and all because the Feds FINALLY figured out it was time to rob corporations just a little less.

Not to mention the 80% of Americans who are seeing bumps in their checks because of these cuts, which means they have more money to put back into their communities.


The ego on the guy, right?

Say what you will about Trump, but we do NOT miss Obama.

It would be more newsworthy if people WEREN’T overly offended these days.

Considering Obama is a large part of the reason we have Trump, fair.

And you KNOW he hates that.



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