We read a lot of quite frankly hilarious back-and-forths on Twitter, and God bless America because that’s literally our JOBS.

And every once in awhile we come across a bizarre and LENGTHY back-and-forth that we just have to cover, like the one between @RedSteeze and Erica Grieder.

It all started here.



Clearly a joke, and a well-written one at that.

So well-written in fact that we’re not sure Erica understood it was a joke.

She seems so angry about a Titanic reference.

Titanic infuriates us as well, but for different reasons.

It’s a crap movie, don’t @ us.

Harassed? What now?

That. ^

Seems that way.

White knighting by explaining to her that she misunderstood his tweet?


This went on forEVER.

We have looked through this exchange and are a tad confused as to which tweet she’s referring to but eh … we’ll chalk this up to Twitter.


Lady. It’s clear you just didn’t understand it was a joke.

Move on.

This would have only been funnier if he had told her to calm down.

We’re so confused right now.


Weird is one word for it.

She tweeted HIM.

We checked her TL and it seems Erica is a bit unhinged about Steeze.

Just our opinion, no need to tweet at us endlessly about white knighting.

We’re legit #TeamRedSteeze

Man, we hope not.


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