Mad Dog PAC is the group whose website said people should ‘take Scalise out’ … in the next election.

You know, because it’s so edgy to use an elected official’s near murder for a slogan.


Dana Loesch covered this and more in this NRATV segment:

This got the attention of moonbat Louise Mensch:


Oh SWEET JEEBUS, she made a Russia dig at the NRA.

She desperately needs a new schtick.


Wait, huh?

Soooo Dana owned the US Government and sold it to the Kremlin?

Who knew?

Stay crazy.

Sounds like that’s a given here.

Louise tweeted DANA.

Russia Russia Russia!

You know that look you make when you’re standing in line at the grocery store and the sweet, little old lady in front of you starts writing a check?

Yup, we just made that face.



But she did answer?

Oh snap.

There is it.



And boom went the dynamite.


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