Third-wave feminists really are their own worst enemies.

The fact they continue to push the ridiculous notion that women have separate rights from men or that there is ANYTHING real about ‘reproductive rights’ proves they don’t really care about women’s equality.

Women are far more than just our vaginas, and our uteruses, ladies.

But hey, the rage gets clicks and taps, right?

Or women could stop having sex with people they’re not willing to create a child with.

This is not difficult.

Look, we get that it takes two to tango, but we also get that there are PLENTY of ways to avoid actually getting pregnant including birth control and NOT DOING THAT ONE THING that makes a baby.

There are other ‘activities’ folks. *shrug*

Insty was front and center with the perfect smackdown:

Yeah, because blue-check rage-fems never tell men what to do.



She’s trying to draw a comparison to the uterus.


Dude, don’t look at us, we don’t understand these broads either.

Evil oppressor!


If you read her timeline you can figure this out without the hint in her bio.

Just sayin’.

She really just needs to calm down, right?


‘Nuff said.


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